About Animal Welfare

What is AAALAC International?

While it is accepted that the advancement of biomedical sciences at this point is not possible without the use of experimental animals, there is a pressing need for ensuring their ethical use and humane treatment. The Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, or AAALAC International, is an internationally recognized non-profit organization promoting the humane treatment of experimental animals in science. It is the only internationally valid accreditation for animal care and use.

What does it say about us?

AAALAC International accreditation reflects our desire to work with the highest industry standards for animal care and use. In biology, the quality of experimental data heavily relies on the quality of and handling of animals – a factor which is well recognized and yet often neglected. This accreditation is therefore also a quality seal of sorts for the scientific results produced by our organization. Critical review processes by highly qualified AAALAC personnel are involved in the maintenance of the accreditation status. This ensures that our facility keeps abreast with the current best practices followed for animal well-being and high quality research, never letting us fall behind competitors.